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SuperTower 6

The SuperTower6 was designed specifically to attach to the TrackRunner tracking system however it is completely at ease when floor mounted. The ST-6 has a range of 2.8 feet to 6.8 feet when floor mounted, 3.7 feet to 7.7 feet when mounted on the custom TrackRunner dolly and has a telescopic speed of 1.31 feet/sec. The dolly speed range with the ST-6 is >1 inch/sec to 15 feet/sec. The tracking speed is directly related to the stability of the tower at its maximum height. Maximum stability is a function of speed, tower height and lens selection. The ACE SuperTower 6 uses our MicroPlus HD System with itís Panasonic 1500 Panasonic 2/3", 3-CCD, 16:9,1080/720 HD Multi-Purpose camera and provides a lens height 3.5 feet at the low end and 7.5 feet when fully extended. The SuperTower 6 is remotely controlled and has an extremely smooth telescopic movement that is controlled with a joystick or optional foot pedals.




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